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CARDS – To Show You Care

  Give a card.      Change your relationship.

MEMBERSHIPS – Making it easier to stay connected

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Committed Creator


What's this membership thing about?

Become a Committed Creator and every 3 months we’ll send you:


– 5 new and different cards

– 5 envelopes

– 5 belly bands

– Washi tape

– 5 bonus items


Even though your life is busy, you’ll be the craftiest of all your pals!



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Become a Wordsmith and every 3 months we’ll send you:

– 5 new and different cards



So you can:

– Connect with 5 of your loved ones



We’ll delight you and you’ll delight them. Win-win!



Find out more here!

Hand-designed cards.   Authentic connections.   Paying it forward.

Connect with us:

Paying It Forward – Because Connections Matter

For every card you purchase to show some love, we will write a handwritten message on our signature Notice Notes and give it to someone to double the effect.




We believe it’s possible to change the world in many different ways. We’re doing it by taking the time out of our busy days to revive the art of showing someone they matter through a note in a card.

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We’ll send you exclusive deals & discounts, and let you know when new lines of cards are released. Sign up here!




Want to reach us? Visit our contact page.